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May 09, 2006



i need to use this web page for senior research paper.hence ,iam requiring a permission

Jonathan Frieden

I don't see any problem with your using this content for a senior research paper provided that it is properly attributed. Good luck on your paper.


Hi Jonathan. Do you happen to know of any precedents addressing the enforceability of terms found at a referenced web link?

For example, "Supplier agrees to be bound by Purchaser's General Terms and Conditions of Supply found at http://www.generalterms.com."

Given that such terms are subject to being changed at any time it strikes me that there can be no clear meeting of the minds.

Thanks much,

Jonathan Frieden


The issue, which you have properly identified, is the same as for any contract: Was there a meeting of the minds?

For a discussion of the enforceability of Internet Contracts, please see http://ecommercelaw.typepad.com/ecommerce_law/2009/05/faq-is-an-internet-contract-enforceable.html. If you have any other questions, please give me a call.



Hello, I was just wondering when exactly offer and acceptance takes place when forming a contract via the internet? Is the information found on the website an invitation to treat or is it an offer since it goes into so much detail including prices and terms and conditions?

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