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August 13, 2006


John Diffenthal

For a fraud to take place, someone has to benefit. On that basis there are only two types of fraud possible:
- AdSense fraud, where a publisher clicks AdWords on his pages in order to generate an income for himself
- Competitive fraud, where a competitor clicks an AdWord, not to generate an income for himself but to incur a cost for the AdWord advertiser

AdSense fraud can be avoided by AdWord advertisers by not placing their AdWords on Google's content network.

Competitive fraud is virtually impossible to eliminate, but AdWords advertisers have to take a judgement about whether the potential costs of competitive fraud outweigh the very real benefits of an AdWords campaign.

SEO India

Click fraud is very apparent at all search networks. So far there is no stringent policies againest this, except for punishing a few small publishers. In my opinion, Click fraud doesnt happen on small websites, where due to smart pricing the click cost is low. It could happen at those large sites where click cost is high and a few fraudulant clicks can boost a site's revenue sugnificantly. But thats from where their meal comes for these search engines, so they ignore that.

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