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January 28, 2008


Account Deleted

Hi Jonathan,

I couldn't agree more. Online reputation is so imperative for your online business. One wrong move, and your name will be indexed in many pages.

I like your points on
Know what’s being said about you online
- it's interesting to know what others say
about you.


Take control of your Internet presence
Quality is my motto. I believe that good quality will speak for itself, thus bringing good reputation.

Check out a guide I have written at work.com

Kathleen Gage


It is imperative to have the right action balance the wrong action when it comes to your reputation. Lies are held contempt in a court of law and should be held in contempt as well on-line. Freedom of speech does not include the defamation of character and livelihood of another person and again, is held accountable in a court of law for any damages that one may seek from what arises in life and on-line. People feel that they can simply ruin a reputation and not pay the consequences for their actions, when in fact; the actions towards another is held accountable whether on-line or not. The law is the law and it is a guide that protects and offers justice for all. Our constitution is the basis of all actions in the pursuit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness for all. Actions and words do combine quality of life with right action. Should one another go against the right action then it goes against the law itself.
Thank you.

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